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Sea Freight

Secret Logistics Solution is one of the largest Sea freight forwarders operating within a global network based in the UAE. We believe in making long-term relationships with ocean cargo companies; that's why it can handle your less-than-container Load (LCL) and full-container load (FCL) ocean shipments needs.

Land Freight

Secret Logistics Solution’s integrated land freight services enable the products to arrive safely at the right place, at the right time, and in conformance with our customers handling requirements. Secret Logistics Solution offer competitive rates and on-time delivery for Less than Truckload freight and Full Truck Load.


With our warehousing services that include both heavy-duty storage structures and safety vaults, all your assets are safe and intact. If you need a safe secret space to store your goods for long or short periods, you can contact us and make it happen. Our warehouses have the capacity to systematically store all your products.

Air Freight

Our air freight services are extremely creative and flexible in delivering fast-moving services to you in the constantly changing, competitive, and challenging supply change system. We are committed to providing you with stable and reliable air freight services to brilliantly maintain your business’s shipment integrity.

Customs Clearance
& Brokerages

Whether you’re a first-time importer or familiar with international freight forwarding procedures, our team of experienced and reliable customs brokers have an intimate knowledge of free trade agreements, tariff, concessions, temporary imports, and all related services to guide you through the process.

Tailored Services & Special Expertise

Our presence in the heart of the free zone (Hub) gives us an additional advantage to provide many unconventional solutions and to reconfigure the goods in the way that our customers desire for the possibility of appropriate products have an economical option in which way they require.

Transport And

We continually increase our own trucks and service vans with trained drivers that enable us to deliver the shipment safely and on time to all UAE.


Technical Support is one of our distinguished services, provided by a group of experts who can deliver an excellent and accurate service that allows Secret Logistics Solution to be one of the leading companies in this field.

We continually increase our own trucks and service vans with trained drivers that enable us to deliver the shipment safely and on time to all UAE. 

Supporting Subheading

Value Added


Secret Logistics Solution offers 24/7 services to brilliantly fulfill your company’s shipment needs. If you want to hire a logistics company for air freight, land freight, sea freight, and warehousing services, you can contact us right now. We will fulfill all your logistics jobs so that you can progress without any stress. Our experts offer you logistics solutions customized to your business needs and budget that offer you an opportunity to grow without any limits.


It is part of a larger service that we provide to assure you that the goods you ship is under your control. Sellers can request our team to contact the buyer and asked them to inspect the goods. We can take a photo and report any problems they encounter. After completing the assessment, we provide a certificate of inspection result.

We are committed to the health and safety of our associates, customers, partners and their families, hence we are monitoring and strictly adhering to the health and safety directives implemented by the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention (MoHAP) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

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