Free Zone and Industrial Zone Warehousing Services

With Secret Logistics Solution’s warehousing services that include both heavy-duty storage structures and safety vaults, all your assets are safe and intact. If you need a safe secret space to store your goods for long or short periods, you can contact us and make it happen. Your company’s warehouse might not be able to hold your product stock, but our warehouses have the capacity to systematically manage store all your products.

Secret Logistics Solution has highly maintained and secure storage spaces that can host products from various industries, including heavy machinery, office equipment, fabric stock, automobile, furniture, and more. You no longer have to deal with complex procedures and long-term contracts to ensure the safe storage of your company’s products because we provide you with the best indoor and outdoor storage facilities and inventories with containers for segregation that you can access anytime.

With Secret Logistics Solution, you also get the opportunity to avail yourself a portion of our huge storage facility depending on your business requirement and product stock size. You can also avail of our dedicated containers based on your company’s specifications. We will store your products in temperature-controlled warehousing facilities so that they remain in excellent condition.

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Features and Benefits

Pay Less, Get More

You can take advantage of our highly affordable warehousing services that comes with features like,

Temperature Controlled Facilities

We have special warehouses with temperature-controlled environments depending on your products.

Systematic Cabins and Containers

We will offer you a dedicated portion of our warehouse with several containers and cabin for the systematic arrangement of your products.

Proximity to Industrial and Free Zones

Secret Logistics Solution offer its clients with free zone and non-free zone warehouses according to their business needs.

Cost Effectiveness

You will get cost effective warehousing facilities that are not only reliable but will also get your products stored in a safe space.

We are committed to the health and safety of our associates, customers, partners and their families, hence we are monitoring and strictly adhering to the health and safety directives implemented by the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention (MoHAP) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

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